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Chedza facilitates black economic empowerment through ownership, control and management of a group of business entities

BEE Information

With the amended BB-BEE Codes as published on the 11th of October 2013, ownership will no longer be an option as from the 1st of May 2015. All business with a turnover of more that 10m per annum will be verified against the requirements of ownership notwithstanding their BB-BEE ownership status.

Furthermore, the amended codes indicate that ownership as from 2015 onwards will become a priority element. This means that at least 40% of the net value of the empowered black shareholder(s) must be debt free on day of the audit of the measured entity; if not achieved the measured entity; will be discounted with 1 level on their scorecard regardless the total points gained on all 5 elements.

Of all ownership options, the Chedza proposition on ownership moderates the above mentioned challenges the best.

The Chedza offering has stood the test of time and without any major changes, has met the requirements of the Codes as they have been amended over the years. To the contrary, Chedza’s model is even more in line with new Codes where the emphasis now falls on ownership.

Advantages for the Chedza client:

  1. Fast, no-hassle, affordable and fully transparent BEE status without risk.
  2. Accreditation by a fully accredited Independent Verification Agency.
  3. Chedza does not get involved operationally – business continues as “usual”.
  4. Creating avenues for succession.
  5. Improved corporate governance through accounting systems, transparent reporting and internal controls.
  6. Faster sustainable growth in equity market value.
  7. Opportunities for growth through other Chedza clients.
  8. The ability to exit the deal within a pre-agreed period, without loss.

Why use us?

Fast, no-hassle and fully transparent BEE status.
Accreditation by a recognised rating agency.
Creating avenues for succession.
Improved corporate governance.
Faster sustainable growth in equity market value.
No loss exit clause within a pre-agreed period.

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