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Chedza facilitates black economic empowerment through ownership, control and management of a group of business entities

1.  Where do I find a BEE company/shareholder/director with capital?

2.  How do you verify the BEE shareholder/director?

  • Fitting in with structures and cultures
  • Experience within the industry
  • Commitment and work ethic
  • Insight into company and industry issues

3.  What is the cost to company for a BEE shareholder/director?

  • Salary
  • Motor vehicle cost
  • Medical aid
  • Pension fund
  • Bonus/profit share
  • Entertainment allowance
  • Cellphone cost
  • Office furniture, space and fitting
  • Computer equipment

4.  In the event of the BEE relationship not succeeding?

  • Cost of severance
  • Potential legal fee
  • Discomfort of exit
  • Conflict
  • Cost of buy back

5. What happens if the potential BEE company/shareholder does not have the required capital?

  • Potential gearing liability to the company
  • Director/company guarantees
  • Conflict in profit/dividends vs growth and profit retention needs

6. Is one individual BEE shareholder sufficient to obtain the maximum equity Rating as required by the Broad Based Economic Empowerment Codes?

7.  What would the capital gains tax implications be for a share transaction?

8.  What is the exposure/liability/risk for the company in the event of early death of the BEE shareholder/director (mortality risk)?

Why use us?

Fast, no-hassle and fully transparent BEE status.
Accreditation by a recognised rating agency.
Creating avenues for succession.
Improved corporate governance.
Faster sustainable growth in equity market value.
No loss exit clause within a pre-agreed period.

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