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Chedza facilitates black economic empowerment through ownership, control and management of a group of business entities

Leadership is the result of wisdom applied with patience and integrity. Leadership executed in service to the greater good of humanity creates a legacy. It is this legacy that has built organizations that have endured to become more than the sum of its founders. This is the DNA that flows through Chedza International from the roots of the Mahanyele name.

A pioneer in the empowerment of Black people in South Africa, Professor Mohale Mahanyele used business as a vehicle to create better lives for thousands of South Africans. National Sorghum Breweries represented a symbolic struggle of a black business of the people to succeed against the established corporate order. The adventure did not succeed in its initial purpose but created the platform for the creation of the National Education trust which has educated 500 young South Africans. This has been the central tenants of empowerment ever since opportunity to access education and the opportunity to apply these skills to the economic benefit of one’s family and community.

The ethos of Professor Mahanyele’s life; Boldness, Patience, Integrity and service to your fellow South African have become rooted in so many lives that is has helped lay a foundation for our new adventure together as South Africans.  Those who had the privilege of knowing him would remember seeing him as an island of calm in the midst of a fractious debate wither in a boardroom on under a tree with his pants rolled up, serene in the knowing that everything would work for the good of his people.

The future of Chedza International is navigated by Mpho Mahanyele and the Mahanyele family whose powerful woman are committed to continuing their father’s legacy.

Mpho Mahanyele (BA LLB) serves on the Boards of two multi-national companies Crawford South Africa and MLC South Africa. She is an accomplished executive with extensive business experience growing Cabworld from a start up to a national concern.
Chedza is very proud of it ability as a business partner to engineer growth, foster innovation and allowing partners the freedom to get to the business of running their businesses.

Why use us?

Fast, no-hassle and fully transparent BEE status.
Accreditation by a recognised rating agency.
Creating avenues for succession.
Improved corporate governance.
Faster sustainable growth in equity market value.
No loss exit clause within a pre-agreed period.

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